10 Things to do in Hurghada

Enjoy a diverse experience in Hurghada, where the beauty of the sea meets a variety of recreational activities.

12/9/202317 min read

Safari trip in Hurghada
Safari trip in Hurghada

1-The Red Sea and Hurghada's Beaches:

Hurghada city boasts numerous open beaches that stretch along the Red Sea coast for up to 40 km. Most of the beaches in Hurghada are known for their proximity to tourist hotels and world-class resorts, offering visitors the opportunity to stay close by.

These beaches are characterized by various facilities and services, ensuring an enjoyable experience for visitors. Unlike other coastal cities, Hurghada is not limited to a specific demographic and is considered an ideal destination for various communities, both Egyptians and foreigners, welcoming thousands of vacationers each year.

Hurghada is renowned for its beautiful turquoise beaches with white sandy shores. Examples of these beaches include:

Soma Bay Beach:

Soma Bay is one of Hurghada's famous beaches and tourist resorts in Egypt, known for its vast area attracting tourists seeking relaxation and enjoyment of natural scenery. It offers various activities.

Sheraton Beach:

Worth visiting for its beautiful scenery and clean waters, Sheraton Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Hurghada.

Mövenpick Beach Hurghada:

Here, you can enjoy wave surfing or diving into the depths of the sea at a minimal cost. It is one of the most famous beaches in Hurghada that facilitates various water sports at affordable prices.

Dream Beach Hurghada:

This beach stands out with numerous advantages, from its luxurious service level and attentive staff to providing diverse activities suitable for both children and adults. It's in close proximity to hotels of different levels, catering to various demographics.

Al Ahlam Beach Hurghada:

Classified as a luxurious beach, Al Ahlam Beach may have a higher entrance fee compared to other surrounding beaches, but it offers an abundance of services and activities for visitors for free.

El Fayrouz Beach Hurghada:

Thanks to its central location in the city, on Sheraton Touristic Street, El Fayrouz Beach is among the more popular choices for Hurghada's visitors, especially the middle class. It is known for its cleanliness.

Social Club Beach Hurghada:

Located in the city center near the Public Library of Egypt, Social Club Beach is one of the oldest among Hurghada's beaches. It attracts a large number of local residents and is considered the primary recreational destination for people in the area, suitable for all age groups and ideal for families.

2- Diving:

Hurghada, Egypt, once a sleepy village, has now transformed into a thriving diving destination and is considered one of the world's premier diving regions. Given its long history of diving, favorable diving conditions, and a wide range of diving centers, Hurghada should undoubtedly be on your bucket list.

Diving trips are undoubtedly among the most beautiful, thrilling, and enjoyable experiences. Exploring the depths of the Red Sea, marveling at the coral reefs, encountering rare fish, and interacting with marine life make diving in the beautiful city of Hurghada a uniquely special adventure.

The Red Sea is renowned not only for its visible color but also for being one of the most significant and beautiful seas globally, teeming with treasures. When you embark on a diving journey in Hurghada, you'll witness unique and vibrant coral reefs and colorful fish, revealing that the underwater world is much larger than what you see above the water.

Diving spots in Hurghada are diverse and enchanting, sharing common features of vibrant coral reefs and a variety of colorful fish. Some of these places include:


This island, also known as the Northern Islands' Paradise, boasts rare coral reefs that have been around for millions of years.

Sahl Hasheesh:

Sahl Hasheesh in Hurghada is one of the most beautiful areas, known for its soft white sands where you can enjoy the wonders of nature.

Abu Ramada Island:

Abu Ramada is that area where you can spend a special day exploring the depths of the seas amid colorful coral reefs and captivating fish for both young and old, especially the rose-colored reefs. As part of a diving trip descending into the sea amidst the fish, it's approximately an hour away from the city center. The island is distinguished by hosting unique species of fish and coral reefs. As soon as you descend and the diving journey in the Red Sea begins, you will see the sunken ship with various types of growing coral reefs.

Carless Reef:

Carless Reef is a popular diving site in Hurghada known for its rich marine life and diverse coral formations.

Fanadir Dive Site:

Located near Giftun Island, this site is famous for its vibrant coral reefs and marine biodiversity.

Gifton Island:

Gifton Island is a must-visit spot with its stunning coral formations and a variety of marine life.

Abu Monqar Island:

This island offers an exciting diving experience with unique fish species and coral reefs.

Turtle Bay:

As the name suggests, Turtle Bay is known for its turtle sightings, along with vibrant coral and marine life.

Soma Bay:

Soma Bay is a captivating area with diverse marine activities, making it a popular choice for diving enthusiasts.

Magawish Island:

Magawish Island stands out for its unique fish species and coral reefs, providing an unforgettable diving experience.

Exploring these underwater wonders in Hurghada promises a journey filled with beauty, excitement, and awe-inspiring marine encounters for both young and old alike.

3- Snorkeling:

Hurghada, located in the Red Sea Governorate, witnesses a significant tourist influx for snorkeling and diving excursions. In the early morning hours, dozens of boats and tourist launches set sail carrying scores of tourists eager to engage in snorkeling and diving activities in Hurghada. During these trips, tourists have the opportunity to observe various coral reefs, small fish, and dolphins while snorkeling.

Snorkeling is an activity that doesn't require scuba diving suits, oxygen cylinders, breathing apparatus, or theoretical and practical training for several days. Participants float on the water's surface, wearing a diving mask, and use a snorkel to breathe. Unlike scuba diving, snorkeling allows individuals to enjoy marine life without the need for extensive equipment and skills. The activity involves floating on the water's surface, using a life jacket, a breathing mask, and swim fins. Prior to descending into the water, participants wear a life jacket, a breathing mask for surface breathing, a snorkel, and swim fins.

Engaging in snorkeling is characterized by its lower financial cost and the absence of any specific personal skills. Anyone can embark on this experience, enjoying the underwater world without significant financial investment or the need for specific skills.

*4- Spider Safari Trip in Hurghada: Exploring the Beauty of the Desert and Wildlife

The Spider Safari trip in Hurghada embodies a unique experience that seamlessly blends adventure and exploration in the heart of the Egyptian desert. In this article, we will delve into the distinctive features of this exceptional journey that takes participants on an exhilarating adventure through challenges and cultural experiences.

# Overview of the Trip:

1. Commencement of the Journey:

- The expedition kicks off with the Spider Safari teams venturing into the desert, utilizing all-terrain vehicles as the primary mode of transportation.

2. ATV Driving Experience:

- Participants embark on an adventure of driving ATVs through golden sand dunes, offering them a unique opportunity to enjoy speed and the mesmerizing desert landscapes.

3. Desert Exploration:

- The journey includes exploring the vast expanse of the desert and discovering its enchanting natural landmarks.

# Details of the Trip:

1. Pause at Bedouin Settlements:

- Participants make stops at traditional Bedouin settlements, where they immerse themselves in the Bedouin way of life and culture.

2. Traditional Bedouin Dinner Experience:

- The trip encompasses a traditional Bedouin dinner experience in the desert, allowing participants to savor delicious cuisine amid authentic surroundings.

#*Unique Moments:*

1. Sunset Splendor:

- The program features breathtaking moments of sunset amidst the desert, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere.

2. Wildlife Observation:

- Participants have the opportunity to observe wildlife, including animals and birds, living in this challenging environment.

# Challenges:

1. Sand Dune Riding:

- Participants face the challenge of riding across towering sand dunes, adding an extra dose of adventure to the journey.

2. Exploring Remote Areas:

- Participants must explore remote areas and unforgettable slopes during their expedition.

# Conclusion:

The Spider Safari trip in Hurghada offers a unique and thrilling experience, allowing participants to discover the beauty of the desert and interact with wildlife in an exciting and enjoyable manner. It provides an opportunity to escape city life and explore new facets of nature and desert culture.

My advice in this matter is to savor every moment during your Spider Safari trip in Hurghada. Allow yourself the opportunity to explore the natural beauty and local culture with curiosity, and don't hesitate to engage in all the exciting experiences the trip offers. This might be a unique chance to create unforgettable memories, so make the most of it and enjoy every experience that comes your way.

5- Safari Beach Buggy Trip in Hurghada

Let's talk about the definition of the word "safari." Safari is a type of adventure trip that involves exploring wild areas and experiencing their lifestyle, typically organized in natural environments like deserts or dense forests. Safaris include activities such as riding quad bikes or camels, walking in nature, and observing wildlife. Safari is an exciting experience that provides participants with unique insights into wildlife and natural environments.

Safaris are well-known in distinctive tourist cities with mountainous and desert landscapes, especially those rich in Bedouin life, such as the city of Hurghada in Egypt.

The Beach Buggy Safari trip is considered one of the most important activities for visitors to the city of Hurghada. It involves traveling with beach buggies and touring the desert for a distance of at least 20 kilometers through the sands, reaching the Bedouin area. It's another adventure where you'll get to know its features. Be cautious, bring your sunglasses and a shawl for protection against scattered dust, and listen carefully to the advice and guidance of the guide responsible for the trip, covering instructions for beach buggy driving, wearing sunglasses and the shawl, and walking in a designated path with guidelines that must be followed.

During your trip, you will learn about Bedouin life, their lifestyle, nomadic habits, their food, and rituals.

Don't forget to enjoy the barbecue and Bedouin food prepared using primitive cooking methods, giving the food a strong and distinctive flavor.

Key Safari Locations in Hurghada

Include "Wadi Um Darfa," dominated by the highest peaks of the Red Sea, such as the summit of Mount Shaib. Wadi Um Darfa is also close to the area of Mount Dukhan, a historically significant area with Roman relics that blend wonderfully with the mountainous desert nature.

Exciting Activities During the Trip

There are many exciting activities you can enjoy during the Hurghada Safari trip, such as:

1. Riding the beach buggy, the most famous and essential means of transportation in safari trips.

2. Camel riding, as practiced by the Bedouins, along with horseback riding, a very intriguing experience that you will greatly enjoy.

3. Visiting the reptile house, filled with unique species of desert and mountain reptiles.

4. Drinking Bedouin tea and smoking a hookah in Bedouin tents in a unique Bedouin way, truly a place of exceptional beauty.

5. Eastern and Bedouin parties, including belly dancing, musical shows, and Bedouin songs.

6. Baking bread in the primitive Bedouin way and consuming it in the meal for a unique bread experience; a recommendation not to be missed.

7. Drawing and drinking well water, a unique primitive experience with a distinctive feeling.

Indeed, the Beach Buggy Safari in Hurghada is a unique experience in exploring the desert and contemplating the surrounding environment. Witness the breathtaking natural landscapes, with an opportunity to interact with Bedouin life and explore their culture. It's an enjoyable experience that combines the beauty of the desert with exciting and unforgettable activities.

6- Camping in the Desert:

In our contemporary world, where daily routines and daily tasks form a fast-paced lifestyle, many find themselves turning to nature in search of tranquility and a deeper connection with the surrounding environment. Among those exciting and unique experiences is the adventure of camping in the desert. The desert, with its vast beauty and unique terrain, provides an exceptional environment for outdoor adventures.

Camping in the desert is a real challenge that requires courage and thorough preparation. Campers must rely on survival skills and environmental tactics to deal with the weather fluctuations and environmental conditions. The desert offers a unique experience, allowing campers to explore its breathtaking nature, connect with it, experience its desert landscapes, and enjoy the beauty of clear nights and serene atmospheres that open the door to spiritual renewal.

Through these trips, participants not only acquire survival skills in an environment with unique challenges but also feel a deep connection with nature. They gain a deeper understanding of the biological balance in this vast environment, fostering life skills, relaxation, and an escape from the troubles of daily life.

Key Camping and Mountain Safari Areas:

Cities in the Red Sea Governorate, especially Hurghada and Marsa Alam, witness a significant influx of desert camping enthusiasts during the moderate Egyptian winter. Mountain safari trips in the Red Sea deserts, walking through vast mountain valleys, become priceless adventures. Notable destinations include Wadi Milleha, Jebel Al-Qattar, and Umm Dalfa in Hurghada, as well as Wadi Al-Jimal and Sarabis, the most sought-after in Marsa Alam.

These areas, visited for both tourism and scientific purposes, exhibit geological terrains that date back millions of years in these valleys. Jebel Al-Qattar, for example, got its name from a water spring trickling down the mountain, justifying its naming. Moreover, Hurghada, located about 55 kilometers away, houses Wadi Abu Milleha, locally known as "Malaha," known to the local tribes inhabiting the desert before the city's establishment. This valley features a unique nature and a rainwater lake surrounded by palm trees.

In Marsa Alam, the love for mountain safari and camping in the heart of the Eastern Desert is evident. One of the renowned and beautiful camping areas is Wadi Al-Gemal, topping the list of mountain trips. Mountain safari trips in Marsa Alam have a distinct character and arrangement due to the distance of mountainous regions from the hotels where tourists stay. The best places for mountain safari and camping are the Wadi Al-Gemal Reserve, reaching about 200 kilometers into the heart of the desert. What sets this area apart is the opportunity to witness stars from the Marsa Alam desert, where stars appear with high intensity compared to city views. Additionally, visiting mountain attractions such as the "Serapis" temple, some spending an entire night in the desert, witnessing the beauty of space and stars that they might not see in their own countries. Most nationalities visiting these trips are Italians, who love camping in the desert and interacting with camels, followed by the French and Germans, as they embrace nature day and night, observing acacia and arak trees, as well as the "Am Kabu" well inside the Wadi Al-Gemal Reserve.

Camping in the desert requires some planning and preparation. Here are some general steps:

1- Check camping tools before departure to ensure their safety and efficiency. Carry sufficient water, and don't forget a hat and sunglasses.

2- Site selection: Choose a level area free of rocks and sharp objects. Avoid low-lying areas where water can accumulate in case of rain.

3- Prepare the ground: Clean the area from gravel and weeds for better comfort. Make sure to remove any sharp or hard objects from the ground.

4- Pitch and secure the tent: Place a mat on the ground for added comfort. Open the tent, place it on the ground, and then secure the tent corners with strong ropes or pegs, ensuring a tight connection.

5- Interior setup: Organize camping equipment inside the tent, such as sleeping and cooking tools, after cleaning the area thoroughly.

6- Ventilation: Leave ventilation openings in the tent open to ensure air circulation.

7- Tent securing: Ensure the tent is securely fastened to resist winds and weather conditions.

8- Emergency preparedness: Provide a flashlight, a first aid kit, and make sure you know how to use them, along with a means of communication.

# After following these steps, you can enjoy the camping experience in the desert comfortably and safely.

First and foremost: leave the place as you found it and avoid negative impacts on the environment. Enjoy your camping experience and explore the beauty of the desert, the tranquility of the night, and the magnificence of the sky and stars.

7-"A Submarine Odyssey: Exploring the Depths of the Red Sea in Hurghada"*

Hurghada, situated on the shores of the Red Sea, is like a captivating melody that transports you to a special realm of travel. But have you ever considered experiencing a unique journey that offers you a deep insight into the secret beauty of the sea? In this article, we will dive into the ocean's depths through a marvelous journey aboard a magical submarine.

Submarine Ride: A Journey of Thrills and Enchantment:

Our journey begins in the heart of Hurghada aboard a modern submarine that takes us on a breathtaking voyage into the depths of the sea. We'll live underwater safely and comfortably, as the submarine's large glass cover unveils the mysteries of marine life.

Exploring the Coral Reefs:

The magical moments continue with the exploration of the magnificent coral reefs. Witness the diversity of colors and the beautiful marine creatures that inhabit this unique underwater environment. This experience is an opportunity to understand the environmental importance of preserving these coral reefs.

The Submarine's Impact on the Senses:

We'll hear from individuals who have enjoyed the submarine ride, as they share how this experience has impacted their senses and connected them with the underwater world. The unique and exciting moments will remain etched in their memories.

* Moving the submarine from the surface and descending into the depths is an exciting and adventurous experience that you and your family will live.

descend into the depths of the sea with the submarine, where the pleasure of viewing through the glass windows and enjoying the observation of various forms of marine life will be experienced. This captivating experience can be enjoyed for 45 minutes through the submarine's glass windows.

A Call to Discover and Conserve:

In conclusion, we invite you to enjoy an unforgettable experience while also contemplating our role as stewards of the environment. We can be part of the solution to preserve the beauty of the coral reefs and the unique heritage of the Red Sea.

Get ready for a submarine ride in Hurghada and savor an adventure that combines excitement with the beauty of the enchanting depths of the sea.

8-Hurghada Tourist Promenade at Night: Artistic Masterpiece on the Red Sea Shore*

Hurghada's tourist promenade is considered one of the most magnificent tourist landmarks in Egypt, and its charm intensifies at night, transforming into an artistic canvas that combines the beauty of the sea with the allure of lighting.

Enchanting Night Lighting:

As darkness falls, the promenade's lamps emerge with their captivating colors, creating a romantic and uniquely beautiful atmosphere. The pathways sparkle with illumination, and the sea appears enchanting with vibrant colors.

Exciting Recreational Activities:

Evenings on the promenade witness various thrilling recreational activities, such as musical and artistic performances that attract visitors of all ages. Cultural evenings add an artistic and entertaining touch to visitors' experiences.

Magical Dining Experience:

Promenade restaurants are adorned with their enchanting lights, creating exceptional dining atmospheres. Visitors can enjoy a magical dining experience with candlelight and a breathtaking view of the sea.

Nighttime Shopping:

Shopping outlets take on a charming appearance at night, allowing visitors to explore a wide range of products and souvenirs in a serene and distinctive ambiance.

Nightly Sea Beauty:

Visitors can appreciate the beauty of the shimmering sea at night, where the moonlight reflects on its waves, creating a magical scene that enhances the place's charm.

Relaxing in Green Spaces:

The promenade provides places for relaxation in softly lit green spaces, allowing visitors to sit and enjoy a tranquil night atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


In this way, Hurghada's tourist promenade transforms into a captivating scene that touches artistic creativity and the beauty of nature, making it a unique and enchanting tourist destination on the shores of the Red Sea.

9- Belly Dance and Oriental Dance Shows in Hurghada:

The city of Hurghada in Egypt is considered one of the top tourist destinations, blending the beauty of the sea with cultural heritage. Among the events that attract visitors are the belly dance and oriental dance shows, along with magician performances that add a magical atmosphere to visitors' experiences.

# Belly Dance:

Belly dance is a traditional art that captivates attention with its elegance and beauty. This dance is characterized by graceful circular movements of the skirt, expressing Eastern heritage with femininity and sophistication. Belly dance is an Egyptian dance with Sufi origins, gaining widespread popularity among Arab and foreign tourists visiting Egypt. Many young people in Egypt also seek to learn this dance, which has become an essential ritual in various celebrations. The dance is rhythmic, performed collectively with circular movements, reflecting the Sufi Islamic philosophy. Performers believe that movement in the universe starts and ends at the same point, reflecting this concept in their dance with circular movements, resembling halos as they revolve like planets in space.

# Oriental Dance:

Oriental dance is characterized by the diversity of its movements and the use of various musical and melodic elements. This Eastern art includes a harmony between elegant movements and artistic expression, reflecting the culture of the region.

The art of oriental dance has its origins and techniques that reflect a rich heritage. Some principles of oriental dance include:

1. Coordination of Movements: Oriental dance requires harmony and coordination between upper and lower body movements, emphasizing the synchronicity of both body parts.

2. Use of Hands and Fingers: Significant attention is given to hand and finger movements, which are essential parts of artistic expression.

3. Muscle Control: Oriental dance requires precise muscle control to execute movements with elegance and accuracy.

4. Emotional Expression: Oriental dance reflects various emotions, with dancers attempting to convey a story or feelings through their movements.

5. Use of Feet: Oriental dance pays special attention to foot movements, using them to enhance artistic expression.

6. Interaction with Music: Oriental dance relies on interaction with rhythm and music, enhancing the harmony between the dancer and the melody.

Techniques of oriental dance may vary among different branches, such as classical and folkloric oriental dance.

Magician Performances:

Magician performances are an essential part of artistic shows in Hurghada. Magicians present an astonishing array of tricks and magical games that captivate audiences, creating an atmosphere of wonder and excitement.


Belly dance and oriental dance shows, along with magician performances in Hurghada, blend cultural heritage with entertainment. These events provide an opportunity for visitors to enjoy wonderful artistic moments and explore the beauty of Eastern arts in a captivating framework that adds value to the tourism experience in the city.

10-"Enjoying Fresh Seafood in Hurghada":

In the heart of the coastal city of Hurghada, awaits an extraordinary experience of cooking fresh seafood that surpasses expectations. It allows you to savor maritime delicacies in a unique seaside ambiance.


The experience begins in a distinctive seafood restaurant overlooking the sea, adding a charming atmosphere to your meal. The maritime decor and wooden furniture enhance the traditional maritime vibes.

#Fish Selection:

The restaurant offers a diverse range of seafood, from large to small fish, and a variety of maritime delicacies. You'll find fish such as grouper, salmon, and stingray, with the option to choose your preferred cooking method.

#Cooking Process:

These dishes stand out for their fresh and skillful cooking. You can watch the chef preparing and cooking the fish in front of you, adding an entertaining value to your dining experience.

#Sauces and Accompaniments:

Dishes come with a variety of delicious sauces that enhance the fish's flavor. Additionally, the restaurant offers a selection of appetizing complements such as rice and fresh vegetables.


The restaurant is known for its upscale and friendly service, making your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Recommended Restaurants:

Restaurant ratings may vary based on individual preferences, but some famous seafood restaurants in Hurghada by the sea include:

1. "Al Sultan Restaurant"

- Offers a wide variety of fresh seafood along with a tranquil atmosphere and a splendid sea view. Al Sultan is considered a favorite destination for fish lovers in Hurghada.

2. "Fish Market Restaurant"

- Provides a broad range of fresh fish types and stands out for preparing food in front of customers.

3. "Fresh Fish Restaurant"

- Offers a delightful maritime ambiance and serves fresh seafood.

4. "Al Bahr Restaurant"

- One of the renowned restaurants known for delicious seafood presentations.

In Conclusion:

Indulging in fresh seafood in Hurghada is not just a meal; it's a unique culinary experience that combines delicious food with a picturesque location, making it an unforgettable visit for seafood enthusiasts.

11- Hurghada:*

The city of Hurghada in Egypt stands out as a prominent tourist destination, combining the beauty of its beaches with diverse recreational activities. Let's delve into the highlights of this exciting city:

1- History and Culture:

Hurghada's history dates back to ancient times, with the construction of the Hurghada Castle in the Middle Ages and the Red Sea Temple, a noteworthy visit. It served as a strategic location for the trade of incense and spices.

2- Tourist Promenade:

One of the most enchanting nighttime experiences is strolling along the vibrant tourist promenade that stretches along the sea. Explore cafes, restaurants, and shops, indulge in shopping for souvenirs, and navigate the famous market alleys.

3- Desert Safari Trips:

Engage in exhilarating safari trips, whether it's a Spider Car safari or a Beach Buggy safari. Ride camels, savor Bedouin tea during a serene night of camping in Hurghada's desert, cherishing each moment in the tranquil desert solitude.

4- Diving into the Depths of the Red Sea:

Take advantage of fantastic diving opportunities in Hurghada. The area hosts stunning coral reefs and rich marine life, making it one of the best destinations for diving enthusiasts.

5- Submarine Excursion:

Discover the underwater world through a fantastic submarine journey. Enjoy the sight of corals and fish without the need for deep diving.

6- Relaxation and Entertainment:

Immerse yourself in the golden sands of the beaches and bask in the warm sun. Explore numerous islands where you can enjoy the sun and sea sands.

7- Water Sports:

A fantastic experience for water lovers, including surfing, water skiing, and jet skiing.

8- Sea Safaris:

Embark on a marine tour to explore the beauty of the Red Sea and its magnificent islands, with opportunities to see dolphins and marine life.

9- Fishing:

Enjoy an exciting fishing trip in the blue waters, where you can catch local fish accompanied by fishing experts.


Take a tour of local markets to purchase souvenirs and explore a wide range of local products.

Hurghada also offers a wide range of events and entertainment venues for visitors, including belly dancing shows, belly dance performances, and magic shows for both children and adults.

Enjoy a diverse experience in Hurghada, where the beauty of the sea meets a variety of recreational activities.