10 Things to do in Alexandria

Allow me to introduce Alexandria to you: "Alexandria, a dream flowing from the depths of the soul".

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Here in Egypt... here lies Raqouda.

Yes, my friend, as you read, her name was "Raqouda," a name given to her in the Pharaonic era, meaning "the sun reclining," symbolizing the place where the sun sets.

Centuries passed until the Macedonian rule came to Egypt, and Alexander the Great chose it as the non-official capital of the Macedonian Empire, naming it Alexandria in honor of him and his affection for its roots and distinctive strategic location.

Over the years, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, and Ottoman rule followed, then Egyptian rule under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Pasha, and later, the British occupation, making it part of the British Empire.

After gaining independence, Alexandria fell under Egyptian rule, and to this day, with its long history and diverse cultural influences, it remains a city distinguished by historical richness and cultural diversity, reflecting its passage through multiple historical stages.

This is a brief historical overview of the Pearl of the Mediterranean.

Let's leave the time machine filled with events and summaries of civilizations mentioned on the side, and now let's prepare our belongings for a brief tour in the enchanting ancient city.

To begin with, now that you are in Alexandria, know that you are in for an exciting adventure in a blend of ancient and modern history; everything in Alexandria is captivating.

  1. Alexandria library

After enjoying the park, we head to the Library of Alexandria, originally founded by Alexander the Great. The modern library is one of the largest research centers in the world. Enjoy a visit to the library and explore the culture of knowledge in this splendid place.

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a cultural bridge connecting the ancient and modern history of the city Known as the Royal Library of Alexandria or the great library, it is the largest library of its time, and was built by Ptolemy I. It is said that it was founded by Alexander the great about twenty-three centuries ago and it is also said that it was founded by Ptolemy II in the early third century BC, in (285-247) BC the library was subjected to many fires and completely destroyed in 48 BC.In 2002 it was rebuilt under the name of the new library of Alexandria. The importance of the library of Alexandria is that it is a field of scientific research and a cultural center that enriched the scientific, cultural and civilized life in ancient times, so it is one of the largest and most ancient libraries in the ancient world.

The library of Alexandria continued to develop science and knowledge in ancient times, and many scientists came out of it over the course of 7 centuries.

This great library was the source of the most important scientific facts that have been discovered about the universe, in it he discoveredار starchos the fact of the rotation of the earth around the sun, Eratosthenes also knew that the Earth is spherical, as well as the extraction of the Atlas of the stars by Hipparchus, and put the first index of a book by Callimachus. The most important mathematical, scientific and philosophical theories came out of it. It then evolved and became known as the new library of Alexandria.

The new library of Alexandria or the Bibliotheca Alexandrina public authority is a revival of the Old Library of Alexandria, the largest libraries of its time, in a huge project carried out by Egypt in partnership with the United Nations, where the library was built anew in a location close to the Old Library in the Shatby area of the city.

The new library of Alexandria was established in the Shatby area, to revive the Old Library of Alexandria, which was the largest libraries in the world at that time.

The modern library was opened on October 16, 2002

  • The library contains a large collection of books estimated at about 2 million and 153 thousand books in various languages of the world.

  • The library has 7 Specialized Libraries, namely the library for the blind, the library of audio and visual materials, the children's library, the Youth Library, the library of rare books and special collections, and the Map Library.

  • The library has 3 main museums, namely the Museum of Antiquities, the Museum of manuscripts and the Sadat Museum.

  • The library follows the planetarium Center, in a distinctive circular shape for the engineering construction of the library, and aims to spread scientific culture, exhibitions and workshops are held there, and it also contains a museum of the history of Natural Sciences.

  1. Qaitbay Citadel

Let me now tell you that you are about to visit a place you will never forget, and that is Qaitbay Citadel, built during the Ottoman Sultan Qaitbay's reign. Explore the Citadel and fully enjoy every minute spent there with magnificent views of the sea.

Qaitbay Citadel, a famous Citadel in Alexandria, is one of the landmarks of Egypt in general. It was ordered by Sultan Al-Ashraf Qaitbay at the time of his historic visit to Alexandria in the summer of 1477, and it took about two years to build it.

The Qaitbay Citadel is one of the important archaeological places where many tourists come to see it from all over the world and are placed on the most important tourist programs, both domestic and international.

Qaytbay Citadel in Alexandria stands out for its privileged location on the Mediterranean coast, as it was built more than 500 years ago over the ruins of one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, namely the ancient lighthouse of Alexandria.

The Citadel of "Qaitbay" is one of the most beautiful military Citadels in the Mediterranean basin, and has been cared for by the Sultans and rulers of Egypt throughout time.

The Citadel is distinguished by its high-rise building high above a rock to remain a landmark of Alexandria, it has always been used to repel the coming aggression on the city from the sea side, and it has stood firm in the face of time for hundreds of years.

The reason for the construction of a fortress in Alexandria was because of the many direct threats to Egypt by the Ottoman Empire, which threatened the entire Arab region. The Mamluk sultan qansuh Al-Ghouri took care of the Citadel, increasing its importance and providing it with weaponry. When the Ottomans conquered Egypt, they used this fortress as a place for their garrison and took care of maintaining it and made communities of infantry, cavalry, artillery and various garrisons to defend it.

The castle is surrounded by the sea from three sides.

The castle has walls surrounding it, in addition to the main tower located on the north-west side.

There is a wall inside the castle that includes the soldiers' barracks in addition to the weapons’ stores, and there is a comprehensive external wall that includes the four sides of the castle and defensive towers.

There is a fence located in the East and has a set of openings especially for the possibility of defense against enemies and protection of soldiers.

The main tower of the castle comes in the inner courtyard and takes the shape of a castle, that is, the tower comes Square in shape as the rib has a length of 30 meters and a height of 17 meters.

  1. Kournich (evening)

If you are looking for beauty, pleasure, enjoyment, and true romance, creating unforgettable moments and memories that never die; there and only there you can find the smell of the sea mixed with the smell of beautiful time.

There you will find familiarity, affection, and a beautiful smile drawn on the face of everyone you see there.

It is as if something hidden penetrates the wall of the soul and inhabits it every moment of your presence in this place, and I say moments because indeed time there is only measured by moments.

This feeling is born while walking on the picturesque Alexandria Beach Corniche in northern Egypt.

This feeling is born while enjoying strolling along the Alexandria Corniche, the bride of the Mediterranean, especially at sunset and later at night.

The feeling becomes deeper and more wonderful if you are in the company of someone you love, especially on winter evenings. Indeed, you will never forget those moments.

Nothing can equal the pleasure of strolling along the Alexandria Corniche, which has gained wide fame as one of the best romantic places in Alexandria. It is undoubtedly an opportunity that you will seize when you come for tourism in Alexandria.

The journey begins with the Alexandria Corniche from Qaitbay Citadel in the west of the city until Montazah Palace, which is located in the Montazah neighborhood in the east of the city. The Corniche extends 10 miles along the sea and was established in 1935 AD.

All you have to do is walk around and discover the unique place.

As a piece of advice, go to Stanley Bridge: it is a great place for walking and taking wonderful souvenir photos.

  1. Beaches

On one of the enchanting days in Alexandria, under the warmth of the golden sun rays and with the gentle, tranquil summer breeze, we head out to enjoy the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It's a unique and exhilarating experience that allows us the opportunity to discover the beauty of the golden sandy beaches and the splendid turquoise waters.

The Alexandria sea is considered one of the most beautiful seas in the world, combining the charm of history with the magnificence of nature.

Let's take a look at the experience of enjoying the waters of the Alexandria sea: as you take your first steps on the shores of Alexandria, be prepared to immerse yourself in a magical world that defies time. The turquoise sea welcomes visitors with its calm waves and the warmth of the sun's rays that penetrate its depths. The beach becomes a stage for fun and relaxation, where visitors can enjoy soft sands and swim in safe and clear waters.

Let me tell you about the most important beaches you can enjoy and the best recreational activities.

Marina Beach:

Marina is a luxurious tourist area located north of Alexandria, featuring distinctive beaches characterized by privacy, tranquility, and high-quality services. Marina Beach is distinguished by its white sands and clear waters. Swimming in the clear turquoise waters of Marina's beaches is a simple yet unforgettable experience. The beach offers the opportunity to rent boats and jet skis for water sports enthusiasts. Water slides and water games are also available to add excitement to your day at the beach. Marina Beach is an ideal place to relax under the sun.

Montaza Beach:

One of the most famous beaches in Alexandria, Montaza is considered a luxurious destination attracting locals and visitors from various places. Located in the northeast of Alexandria, Montaza Beach features soft golden sands and clear turquoise waters, creating a beautiful and enticing atmosphere. Montaza Beach offers many luxurious facilities, private beaches, swimming pools, and high-end cafes and restaurants. It is known for private beaches for individuals and families, making it suitable for those seeking privacy. Montaza is an ideal place for romantic evenings or enjoying the nightlife.

Abu Qir Beach:

One of the famous beaches in Alexandria, Abu Qir is a prime destination for fun and enjoying the moderate waves of the sea.

If you're looking for beaches that defy description in terms of beauty and enjoyment in Alexandria, you should visit Primera De Marina Beach, Hanoville Beach, and Fairmont El Salam Beach. Fairmont El Salam Beach is part of the Fairmont El Salam Resort, offering fantastic private beaches with calm and clear waters, providing privacy and tranquility. It features luxurious facilities, spacious areas, and excellent services.

Among the exceptionally distinctive beaches in Alexandria are Abu Hef Beach and Zahoor Beach, both offering an irresistible opportunity to enjoy moments of relaxation and comfort. With pure, sparkling waters, they attract sports and various water activities enthusiasts.

And the talk about Alexandria's beaches and their beauty, enjoying the water and air, whether walking on the soft sands or relaxing under the warm sun rays, or swimming in the pure clear waters under a blue sky and a gentle summer breeze, never ends. The breathtaking natural scenery combines the fragrance of history with the modernity of the present.

  1. Fishing

If you got sometime and wanna relax and have a good fishing experience, then I would definitely recommend fishing in Alexandria.

Come on, I'll show you where to fish:

Dakhila port:

One of the best and most abundant areas in the quantities and sizes of fish, but you need an entry permit .

The series:

Also in the eastern port.

-tanley Bridge:

Fishing there at night pays off.

Engineers Club Bay:

There is a good selection of fish such as mullet, potatoes, tartar, banana and pasta .

Park Bridge:

Entry ticket needed, walking in the park is a pleasure in itself, and there are good white fish there .

Abugir Bay:

There are coarse fish such as potatoes, pasta, banana and white fish such as marmalade and tadpoles, it is really an Old Colony


If you are lucky, you may return at least ten kilograms of fish.

  1. the Mosque of El Mursi Abu al-Abbas

Then, we move on to one of the city's most important historical and religious landmarks, the Mosque of El Mursi Abu al-Abbas: discover this magnificent mosque dating back to the Middle Ages, considered one of the city's most important religious monuments.

  1. Eat "fresh from the sea" & Hawawshi

  • Seafood

Now, my friend, it's lunchtime, featuring fresh and delicious seafood, offering a unique experience at Fish Market restaurant: choose your fresh fish from the market and have it prepared and served according to your taste. Or try Fish Time restaurant, which provides a comfortable atmosphere with beautiful sea views, making it a good place to experience seafood.

There are many other restaurants such as Rommel, Sea Gull, and San Stefano, all of which are fantastic.

"Kaddoura" is considered the most famous and largest restaurant specializing in fish in Alexandria, and continues to sit on the throne of seafood for the sixtieth year, and its owner has been able to increase the number of its branches in Alexandria and open a new one in Cairo, but the main branch at 33 Bayram Tunis Street in Bahri area remains the most famous and most important of all, located near the fish ring and the Alexandria fishermen's Marina.

Shaaban restaurant

Once you arrive in Manshiyeh, you will not need to ask about the location of the "Shaban King of fish" restaurant, whose owners decided to hang a large sign at its entrance that read "it is deh Shaban to sell the fish they sell", the store is located in the lane between the University of sinjur and Crete Street, and is considered one of the most famous landmarks of ancient Manshiyeh.

"Shaaban" is one of the popular fish restaurants that serves seafood in the usual way and at tables extending from inside the restaurant to the sidewalks of the street, which is a usual sight for the people of the region.

Zephyr restaurant

Zephyr is distinguished by its ability to serve dishes in an innovative and delicious way that you can't control yourself in front of it, the first of which is the "seafood" soup dish as well as the Sinjari casserole, and the owners of the restaurant are proud that their fish is always fresh because of their proximity to the fishing area in El Mex, where the restaurant is located at 29 Corniche El Mex street in West Alexandria.

  • Hawawshi

In the period of British occupation of Egypt in the twentieth century, Brits used to consume a type of bread called "Hawajez," a name that evolved over time to become "Hawawshi." Over the years, Egyptian local touches were added to Hawawshi, resulting in the formation of the delicious and unique dish now known as "Hawawshi." The Alexandrian version is considered the most flavorful and delicious type of Hawawshi in all of Egypt.


Hawawshi dough is prepared and divided into small balls that are rolled out to form thin circular slices. These slices are then filled with minced beef mixed with desired spices and finely chopped vegetables - such as onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, and cilantro - all blended together. The mixture is placed in the center of the circular dough slice, folded by sealing both sides towards each other. The resulting piece is rolled out as thin as possible and baked in the oven at 200 degrees for half an hour. Afterward, it is taken out, and the surface is brushed with butter before being placed under the broiler to acquire a golden color.

Among the most renowned Alexandrian Hawawshi restaurants is "Chef's Hawawshi." The experience here is the best evidence, as it is unforgettable. There are also other types that can be prepared, including Hawawshi with shrimp, sausage, seafood, liver, sausage, mushrooms, chicken, tuna, and Romi cheese.

Let's admit that regardless of the variations in preparation methods and types of mixtures, Alexandrian Hawawshi is considered one of the most famous Alexandrian dishes in particular, and Egyptian dishes in general, characterized by the delicious and irresistible taste.💝 Truly, it is a tasty and distinctive experience, offering some of the most delectable flavors of Alexandria. Try it for yourself and discover the taste of pure delight and imagination .

  1. Alexandria's port

Now, let's enjoy a stroll in Alexandria's port, the old port: explore the old port, traditional boats, and ships, giving you a glimpse into the lives of fishermen and traditional maritime activities. You may also consider taking a boat into the sea from there. It's fun and affordable.

With the revival of the movement of pleasure boats, the yacht marina area in Bahri has become one of the most important destinations for expats and tourists in Alexandria to spend a day deep inside the sea.

Renting these boats is completely safe as they are subject to annual inspection by the Maritime Safety Authority.

This activity is perfect for taking pictures/selfies with the Qaitbai citadel in the background.

  1. Hantoor (stagecoach)

One of the most famous places to ride the Stagecoach in Alexandria is the Qaitbay Citadel area, where the decorated Stagecoach carriages are scattered around waiting riders for a fun ride.

The trip starts from the Qaitbay Castle Square passing by the most important landmarks of the Bahri area, like Ras El-Tin Palace, Al-Siyala, mosques Square and Abu Abbas Marina. The trip may extend to Al-Manshiyya and the Unknown Soldier Square, then to the RAML station and Saad Zaghloul Park to conclude the trip in the Bibliotheca Alexandria.

The prices of the hantoor (stagecoach) tours start from 50 pounds for the trip, and the Stagecoach can accommodate about 5 people, where families/friends can take a special sightseeing tour of Alexandria in Bahri area.

Alexandria governorate is interested in this tourist excursion, where the customs district in Alexandria organizes competitions for the most beautiful Stagecoach and the most beautiful horse, with the aim of motivating every owner of a stagecoach and every horse owner to maintain the health and appearance of his horse in order to stimulate tourism.

  1. Tram

Alexandria’s tram started operating in the year 1860, and thus it is is the oldest tram in Africa, and among the oldest in the world.

Throughout its long history, the tram has always been an entertainment outing for the residents of the city and for tourists.

A trip via the yellow tram in Alexandria takes you into the heart of the popular areas of Alexandria. Among its most famous stations are Ras El-Tin Palace Station, which is adjacent to the luxurious Royal Palace, RAML station, El-Qaid Ibrahim mosque, Misr station, Rusafa, Nozha, Nariman and Al-Wardian.

As for the tram with blue carriages, it gives you a tour of the city's upscale neighborhoods, such as Rushdi, Bakos, Safar, Schutz, ziznia and gnaklis, most of these neighborhoods derived their names from the names of foreigners from the Barons and Pashas, who used to reside in them.

It is a really affordable way to get to mix with locals and discover the gems of Alexandria while just sitting.

We are in Alexandria, Egypt.
We are in Alexandria, Egypt.